One Room Challenge: Excavation and Installation…creating the canvas…and excitement!

Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas // October 27, 2020 // Challenge

The work has begun with the arrival of the floor installation crew.  The old parquet flooring is being removed because it dates the room and competes with the fresh simplicity of the new furnishings that have been ordered and are scheduled for delivery next week.  The floor is being replaced with a maple coffee hued wide board hardwood floor.  The finish has a muted sheen providing a rich background for the new area rugs that are steeped in grays and blues.

The painters are scheduled for the next day to paint the walls and the new 7” moldings that are being installed with the new floors…crown molding.  Myla agrees with Dennese’s suggestion that they paint the large Foyer to match the new color in the gathering room for better color flow between the two spaces.  They are also changing the flooring in the foyer to match the new flooring in the gathering room.  Once the painters are finished, the glass shelving will be installed on either side of the fireplace to hold collectibles, including one or two of the larger pieces that Harper and Myla had collected during their travels abroad.  Dennese has selected some other pieces for client approval that complement the Douglas pieces.  The back surface walls behind the new glass shelving are mirrored and have recessed lighting already in place.  Dennese is having dimmer switches installed so the lighting can be adjusted and softened.

Dennese has arranged for a new slate fireplace to be installed after the flooring is installed and the dust has settled, but before the painters arrive since the fireplace is such a focal point in the room.  A decorative mirror is to be installed on the fireplace.

This is the week devoted to creating color and preparing the room for the new furnishings…  Harper and Myla have their door closed to their newly transitioned home office…but it is very difficult for both of them not to keep checking on the progress of the floor installation.  Their anticipation regarding their new gathering room is escalating similar to the anticipation of Christmas…how fabulous will their new room be after all of the planning, painting and nailing is done…and the new furniture arrives next week. Their visions of “understated elegance” are evolving before their eyes…