One Room Challenge: Creating the room’s backdrop…color, patterns and finish…

Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas // November 2, 2020 // Challenge

The flooring has been installed and the mocha colored hardwood was laid in a chevron pattern introduces a very rich pattern into the room.  The matt finish on the wood adds softness to the flooring.  The floor installers have covered the floor with a drop cloth taping the edges.  They also installed the new baseboards that they also taped in preparation for the painters.  Dennese’s installation teams are consummate professionals who take great pride in their work and nothing is left to chance or goes unnoticed.   

A fresh new black slate facing was installed on the fireplace after heat damage was detected on the previous facing.  The installers also placed a hanger for the decorative piece that Dennese and her team have identified to set off this dominant visual feature in the room.

The paint crew arrived with the Sherwin Williams paints that Dennese and Harper and Myla had selected for the room and foyer.  The ceiling would be painted first using Sherwin Williams “9557 Autonomous,” a very rich and subtle grey tinted paint. 

The sidewalls were going to be painted in Sherwin Williams’ Natural White.  As everyone knows, there are hundreds of shades of whites to choose from ranging from stark white to varying hues that have a hint of color.  The Sherwin Williams’ Natural White has an ever so slight hint of blue gray.  The wall that extends beyond the shelving will serve as an accent wall and will be painted Sherwin Williams “9558 Castlegate.”  This introduces a lush blue grey into the room.  

Earlier, Myla had a conversation with Dennese regarding Myla’s concerns about mirrored walls behind the glass shelving.  Myla thinks it looks dated.  Client input and collaboration is essential to the success of any project.  Dennese had a number of creative alternatives ready to suggest to Myla and Harper.  The couple decided on a distinctive wall covering that would showcase the collectibles that would ultimately be placed on the display shelves.  Design changes occur in a project.  Designers must have creative design alternatives ready to present to their clients.  Mirrors gone…wallpaper installed…Voila!!!

Before the furniture arrives next week, the drapes will be installed.  A light airy off white sheer fabric with a subtle but graceful pattern was selected.  The drapes will have an equally light opaque lining for privacy.  The drapes will add to the elegant simplicity of the room while closing out the world in the evening.

Whenever possible, heavy vinyl sheeting or cloth drop cloths are hung on the entrance to the project room to contain construction dust from the rest of the home.  These details are a crucial element of client services.  It also “contains” the work area until the completed project is unveiled.  The design team has tracked the furniture deliveries and ensured that everything will be delivered in a single truck delivery on time for next weeks placement and project unveiling…  The Douglas project is on schedule for this year’s more conservative, but equally festive, holiday season… Get the turkey ready…we will be lighting the fire in this elegant room and sipping port after dinner…very soon!