What Is the Difference Between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator?

Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas // September 1, 2022 // Interior Decorator Interior Designer

When designing and decorating your space, it can take time to figure out what will work best and what will not. Determining what you want to add to your space and what might not work can take time and effort. Understanding the difference between a designer and a decorator can help you determine what will work for you and which service you need.

What Is an Interior Designer?

An interior designer uses science and the way that people interact with the environment that they are in to help create a space that is functional and beautiful but that still has decorative elements. An interior designer will likely be part of designing a usable space and may be part of the process from when the space is first created.

They may also be part of a redesign or a renovation to help make a space that might need to be more functional to begin with, and make it a space that you are going to love and that you are going to be able to use. An interior designer might do some interior decorating and might even bring in some décor pieces, but their main goal is to make a space more functional and designed so that it is pretty and works well. You may need a residential interior design specialist to help you get a great outcome.

What Is an Interior Decorator?

An interior decorator is more concerned with a space's decoration or extra elements. This might be someone who helps determine what type of rug or furniture will work best for the space and what will make it look the best. An interior decorator does not design and does not make any significant decisions about the space or the function of the space.

Their main goal is to make the space look great. They are not necessarily concerned with making the space functional but with ensuring it is pretty and put together. They will work with you to determine what will look best and fit your style and vision for the space. An interior decorator is likely to be called in if you are staging a house for photos, selling the home, or want to change up the home's overall style.