How to Live Through Your Renovation

Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas // August 1, 2022 // Renovation

You found the perfect location, the perfect amount of space, but the house itself is far from perfect. If you have a home renovation on the horizon, you might be wondering where you’ll live while your house is being made, well, more livable. You can save a ton of money if you take the brave step of living in your house during your renovation. It is not always a popular option, but with housing costs ever climbing, paying for a house payment, a renovation, and rent on top of everything else might be stretching it a bit.

Here are a few great tips on how to live through your renovation while living in your renovation.

Create a Realistic Plan

When you first start your home remodeling checklist, you must make sure you are creating a realistic plan. You also need to create this plan with your family’s upcoming calendar in mind. Are there big life changes coming up, such as a new baby, a wedding, graduations, trips, or family members moving in? These types of events should definitely be considered when you are creating a renovation timeline.

Create Work, Live, and Play Areas

If you are embarking on a full house remodel, you should first create designated work, live, and play areas. This will help you keep your sanity. Check in with the contractor and interior designer to understand which areas of the house will be under renovation and when. Then you will be able to establish living areas in other parts of the house during those times. For instance, if the living room is under construction, you will want to establish another part of the house for downtime. If the kitchen is under renovation, you will need to set up a camp kitchen or makeshift kitchen in an outdoor area or in another room. Get creative and stay in good communication with the workers to know when you need to shift your areas around.

Move Essentials Out of Work Areas

Before the renovation starts on an area of the home, be sure to evaluate food, supplies, and other items that you will need. Move these items out quickly. Trying to get to these items while the renovation is taking place is frustrating and will slow down progress.

Keep Kids, Pets and Elderly Safe

A renovation can be a dangerous setting for kids, pets, or elderly loved ones. It is important that you set up clear boundaries and set clear rules so that no one is injured during the renovation.

Consider Bathroom Strategies

It is important that bathrooms are renovated only one at a time so that your family has at least one working bathroom. If the home only has one bathroom, you may want to consider renting a hotel room for a few days while the renovation is taking place. Be sure your contractor knows that the bathroom should be done quickly so the family can get back home as soon as possible.