One Room Challenge: Let’s get at it…with the Douglas’!

Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas // October 13, 2020 // Challenge

On our second journey of design: Let’s get at it..with the Douglas’!

There are many elements to creating a room design.  The initial discussions between the clients, Mr. and Mrs. Harper Douglas and Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas, their designer are intended to address every element of the project from color pallet to the intended purpose of the room and the amount of use the room will have for the couple.  Interiors by Design has been retained to create a warm and inviting multi-purpose room that exudes elegance while being conducive to entertaining family and friends.  The room has some great features that will add to the ambiance and flow of the room.  It has a contemporary floor to ceiling black slate gas fireplace that will create a cozy welcoming glow to the room in the evening.  During the day, the room has loads of natural light from the two large windows on the long back wall of the room.  Window treatments will be important to the overall design as well.

The client has selected an interesting color pallet that includes blues and grays with accents of orange and some warmer shades of white.  These colors will be reflected in the textiles and fabrics on the upholstered seating and accent pillows.  Dennese has brought paint colors, fabrics and photos of seating style for the Douglas’ to consider.  The design choices emanate from the initial design drawings Dennese created to guide the progress of the project.  Flooring will also be an important component in the overall room design.  The color pallet can also be incorporated in an area rug dependent on the fabrics selected for seating.

The couple has spent considerable time traveling in Europe.  In their travels they have collected one or two treasured pieces, including some larger pieces they want to showcase in the room as conversation pieces.  Glass shelving with be installed in the recessed space on either side of the fireplace to place the collectibles as well as some other accent pieces.

Since this is going to be the center of entertainment for the couple, the use of space is important.  A great feature of the home is that the room entrance opens to a spacious foyer creating a more open optic.  The 10ft high ceilings also add dimension to the room. 

Dennese is scheduled to visit HPMKT and she will explore for the Douglas’ design project.  Armed with information from this Week 2 meeting, she can select seating options and furniture pieces that will be both elegant and functional in time for holiday entertaining.  Although Covid has reduced the frequency and size of their gatherings, Douglas family time continues with prudent caution.  The Week 3 meeting will address real options in terms of furniture and a second look at the color pallet to see how the room will begin taking shape.  Craftsmen are available to paint and possible change the floor.