“We are extremely pleased with our beautiful home interior design created by Dennese and her team. It was wonderful working with Dennese and creating an environment that is comfortable, unique, and innovative.”

Claudia and Tony Kannon, Private Home Owners

“Dennese and Interiors by Design worked with me to create a beautiful living place in my brand new condo. It was a true partnership in which we were both able to submit ideas, reject ideas, and amend ideas. The result is absolutely beautiful, yet comfortable. I loved it as we did it, and I love it still.”

Barbara Williams, Private Home Owner

“Dennese’s brilliance can transform a space. I can’t believe my kitchen is the same room that I originally asked her to design.”

~ Zandra Bailes, Private Home Owner

“I really enjoyed working with Dennese and Interiors by Design. She has great taste and was always professional. I recommended her services to my mother and the pieces she selected for her home were great.”

~ Candace Campbell, Private Home Owner

“Dennese is great. She helps guide you if you’re not certain what you want to do. It’s like she educates you. Dennese designed my whole house and I am very happy with it.”

~ Anthony “Booger” McFarland, Professional Athlete

“Her sense of color is superb. When guests come to my house they say wow! Dennese is well worth the investment!”

~ Henry Osborne, Private Home Owner

“I feel that Dennese did a good job, and I would recommend her highly.”

~ Shaun King, Professional Athlete

“I have known her for approximately eight years and unlike many Washington area designers, she can create transitional and contemporary environments besides traditional ones.”

~ Shirley Ballard-Miller, Private Home Owner

“Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas is to decorating what Michaelangelo is to painting.”

~ Darnell and Russ Parr, Radio Personality

“Dennese really understands comfort and that color is so important in ones surroundings. She is a master at blending your love of art and makes sure your rooms convey exactly the mood you want by meticulously adjusting color tones. I enjoy coming home everyday. Thank you Dennese.”

~ Reta Lewis, Private Home Owner

“Dennese and her staff made both of the houses a place that looked good and was also livable. Thanks Dennese for all you do.”

~ Terri Terrell, NFL Mom