Our Mission

“Creating an environment that is as unique as you are.”

The most important part of any space is comfort and the ability to completed tasks required within the area. Interiors by Design, LLC will get your space where it needs to be. An award-winning company and decorator home show participant, we provide the essential tools to guide you through an otherwise daunting design process.

During the consultation, our team and you will discuss blending carefully chosen furnishings that fit your functionality and aesthetics. We layer this with color, pattern, texture and lighting to create a unique design. We take into account space considerations and how to best draw out your personal style. The result, your environment becomes an integral part of your life.

Our high style comes in many forms: rich fabrics, exclusive accents, or a simple floral arrangement. Sophistication in design is not a matter of formality or excess, but of distilling personal style. Understanding that Mecca is different things to different people is a major concept in our design philosophy. We believe that an individual’s space should be as unique as their own fingerprint.

To one individual an ideal space could be a room full of bright, bold colors with minimal furniture. To another, it may be an Italian villa with intricately carved sofas and lush accessories. Your ideal space may be as simple as transitional sofa, understated drapes and a Persian rug accenting your existing hardwood floors. Mecca is your persona, your lifestyle, your story – with our assistance we will get you there.

No pressure, no sales pitch. Simply let us help you make your living space a beautiful comfortable place to live, work and play.