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Happy Wednesday!


Today we thought we’d put together a brief list of questions I’m often asked about my job as an Interior Designer. If you’re thinking about hiring an interior designer, or maybe curious about how the job works, this series of blog articles is for you. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn when the next blog post is up.


Q: What is the difference between Interior Design and Interior Decorating, and do you provide both?


A: Decorating is an accessorizing job. A Design job entails a Designer who went to an accredited school and are trained partially in architecture, in textiles and art, furniture, and furniture history. They have a creative ability to interpret different styles and lifestyles.


Q: How long do Interior Design projects take from start to finish? What factors may increase/shorten the timeframe?


A: Good question, to be honest, as long as the client takes to make decisions to make them comfortable to move forward. What they’re ordering plays a major factor as well.


Q: How involved do I need to be in the design process?


A: Based on the fact that to design well I need input and feedback from my clients, I am the kind of designer who tries to expunge as much information as to their lifestyles to extract necessary information. A good example is finding out what colors move them. It is almost like a therapy session that stimulates my creative elements to bring forth what they are envisioning.


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